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Harp Ukulele Catalog

Below are the Harp Ukuleles that we produce and keep in stock:

Maple Harp Ukulele

This is our Standard Harp Ukulele.

Carpathian Red Spruce is harvested from the Carpathian Mountains in our "backyard", Ukraine, it is generally whiter in appearance but very similar to Adirondack Red Spruce, exhibiting a lively, crisp, bright tone.

Maple is the traditional wood for instruments of the violin family, and is well known for its use in carved back instruments as well as flat back instruments. Our European Maple is between Rock Maple and Bigleaf in hardness, and is fine and even-textured. Maple is a stiff and stable tone wood with a loud and bright voice. Highly reflective, Maple balances a tight crisp high end with warm lows; a good choice for performing live on stage.

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Top: Carpathian Red Spruce (Solid)
Back/Sides: Maple (Solid)
Neck: Maple
Fingerboard/Bridge: Rosewood (Solid)
Nut/Saddle: Bone
Inlay: Abalone
Finish: Satin/Mat
Binding: Celluloid
Adjustable Truss Rod
Tuners: Nickel plated Asian
Pickup: 2-band EQ with Chromatic Tuner
Width at nut: 1 5/16"
Width at body: 1 5/8"
Scale length: 17"
Gig bag: Included
Right or Left handed

Price: $1095
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Gig Bag
2-Band EQ Pickup with Chromatic Tuner


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