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What's new for November, 2014?

The Holidays are finally here!

I've been working on new music, building new harp guitars and fanned fret guitars.

I've been putting a lot of new posts on my Facebook page. Be sure to visit, "like" and "share"!


Here are the very latest updates for November:


The November  "Song of the Month" is posted. All of the details are below.


 Christmas is coming very quickly and it's time to start the Holiday Sales.

The first Christmas sale I'm posting is the Harp Guitar. The details are below.

The Bluegrass Music books will be on sale beginning November.


The new 21 String Harp Guitars are finished! The initial review is below.

In addition to the 21 String Harp Guitar, there are some more new Harp Ukuleles and Fanned Fret Guitars coming this month.

I've been posting more details of the instruments I'm making and what's coming regularly on my Facebook page. Be sure to stop by!



November "Song of the Month"

Just in time for the Holiday's! If you start practicing now, you'll be ready for your get-togethers next month.

This month, I'm posting a new arrangement, "Here Comes Santa Claus" for the Banjo, Bass, Dobro, Fiddle, Fiddle tablature, Guitar (six string) and Mandolin.

Each arrangement is coordinated with each other so you can mix-and-match. This makes it easy and fun to play along with family and friends during the holiday season. If you have no one else to play/practice with, you can use one of the play-along mp3s below. There are several. The first mp3 is the complete arrangement. The following have some of the lead instruments removed so you can be in the band! The last mp3 is a Rhythm Backup tracks; no lead, just strumming guitars, mandolin and a bass. Note: this arrangement will be deleted December 31, 2014, so be sure you save a copy!

Banjo: In the tablature, the melody notes are indicated with a BOLD letter. Play these a little harder to let the melody surface. The second half o the arrangement, I've included my left hand fingerings, I (index), M (middle), R (ring), P (pinky).

Fiddle, Mandolin, Guitar: There are two arrangements. The first is the standard lead, the second is the harmony.

Fiddle Tablature: For fiddlers that can't read notes, a fiddle tablature version is included. If you're new to fiddle tab, see this link for the details.

Dobro: The arrangement is straight forward and is a good exercise in harmonizing the G major scale.

Bass: The top line is the vocal. The second line is the bass backup. The third line is the bass guitar tablature. There are some nice bass walks in this song!

Rhythm Guitar: This arrangement has some very nice western swing chords. I've included the chord diagrams if you're not familiar with this style.


Download: here comes santa.rar

If you're not sure what a .rar package is, how to download, open, save, etc., click here for the full details.


Harp Guitar "Song of the Month"

"Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas"

Click here for the video

Here are some Harp Guitars ready to ship NOW!

Harp Guitar #77 - LEFT-handed

All-solid Spruce, Sapele, Ebony, Abalone, Bone
Only $1195 with heavy padded gig bag!

harp guitar 77 left handed

Click here for the Details
Click here for the Photo set
Click here for the Video
(note: this an identical right-handed harp guitar)
Shipping $100 (USA, Canada and EU)

Harp Guitar #130 - Left-handed

All-solid Sapele, Spruce, Ebony, Abalone, Bone
Only $1195 with heavy padded gig bag!

harp guitar 130 left handed
This harp guitar is finished, it's just waiting for the bass strings to arrive and then string it up!
ETA is Thanksgiving (or earlier).
The construction of this harp guitar is the same as #118.
Click here to view the photos.
The details are similar to the other Sapele harp guitars.
The top is "Vintage". This means that there is a light tint for and aged look.
If you would like this fine instrument, it will be available later in November.
Shipping to the USA, Canada and the EU is $100. You can hold it for $600 with the PayPal button below.
When the bass strings arrive and it's ready to ship, I'll contact you and send a second PayPal invoice for the balance and ship.

Let's make this a "Harp Guitar Christmas"!

21 String Harp Guitar Updates

The first production models of the 21 String Harp Guitar are complete and now shipping in September!
This harp guitar is based on the 20 string Sullivan/Elliot design. I've made three adjustments to the original plans.

1. The head stock has been modified to accept sharping levers.
2. The super treble box has been eliminated to accept sharping levers and use standard guitar machines. The sharping levers used are Dragon Whispers. These levers are too large for the super treble block. I'm searching for another lever option.
3. The steel string 21 harp guitar has a standard 48mm nut width; this harp guitar is also available with a 44.5mm nut (1 3/4 inch) similar to the Dyer harp guitar. A nylon string, classical guitar 51mm nut is also available

If you prefer alternate, drop tunings, a fanned fret 21 string harp guitar will be available soon. Also, there will be several varieties of tone woods available for the next releases. Currently, on the bench are Sapele (pictured), Bocote, Ziricote, Claro Walnut, Granadillo and Flamed Maple. Tops can be Carpathian spruce (pictured), Sitka Spruce and Douglas Fir. Other tone woods will be added as I can secure large enough material for a harp guitar build.

Here are the:
High resolution photos and here
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