The 21 Strings HGs Are Here

Cocobolo Rosewood, Claro Walnut, Wenge and Granadillo

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Cocobolo Rosewood

Rare Beauty in Tone Woods

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Claro Walnut Back & Sides

Nylon/Classical 21 String Harp Guitar

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New Maple 12 String Harp Guitars

A good performer entry-level harp guitar

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"Old Joe Clark"

Bluegrass Festival Season is here and it's time to learn a great jamming tune, "Old Joe Clark", the new Song of the Month.

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Baritone Fanned Fret Guitar

Available Black Gloss & Natural

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Baritone Fanned Fret Guitar

New Mid-Summer Release!

Last Autumn, we began working on a Baritone Fanned Fret Guitar and finished the first prototype this week. This is an excellent upgrade to the Fanned Fret Guitar. The Baritone guitar is similar to the Standard Fanned Fret Guitar except that it is tuned a 5th lower, B, E, A, D, F#, B. It can be comfortably dropped tuned a full step or more.

The scale has been increased; 657mm to 750mm. Baritone guitars with straight frets scale range between 685mm (Tayor baritone) to 762mm. The scale we chose, 657mm to 750mm keeps the trebles strings sweeter and affords a better vibrato and the bass stronger and clear. It is a very loud guitar! The multi-scale allows for lighter gauge strings. It is an excellent guitar for percussive finger style, harmonics and dropped tuning. I'm still experimenting on the string gauge, however a standard heavy gauge string (.014 - .059) seems to be a logical choice and easy to find for replacements.

The overall length of this Baritone Fanned Fret is only 30mm longer so, it will fit a standard Jumbo Guitar case or gig bag. To keep the length comfortable, the bridge and interior has been adjusted with "Baritone Bracing".

Triads below standard guitar tuning can become "muddy". Maple, or similar tonewood, for the back and sides, so far seems to be the best choice for the back and sides. Maple offers a very clear and clean tone. Every note is separated; this is important with the lower registers. Maple has been the tone wood of choice for centuries; from the violin to upright bass. Other tone woods that will work well with the Baritone are Bubinga, Padauk and Zricote.

7-String Baritone

August, a 7-string Baritone is scheduled for release. It will have one lower bass string, an F#. As we enter the end of summer, we're moving into holiday season production of all of the Fanned Fret Guitars and Harp Guitars. As they become available, they'll be posted on eBay and in the newsletter.


These are the back/sides tonewood choices for the 2016 holiday season:

Fanned Fret Guitars - Maple, Sapele, Rosewood, Koa and on occasionally Ziricote.

Baritone Fanned Fret Guitars: Maple, Flamed Maple, Bubinga, Padauk and occasionally Ziricote.

Harp Guitars - Maple, Sapele, Bubinga, Padauk and Bocote. These are the species that are available large (and stable) enough for harp guitar construction. There may be others added occasionally, depending on availability and price.

Harp Ukuleles - Maple, Sapele, Bubinga, Bocote, Wenge, Koa, Rosewood and possible others The Harp Ukulele is smaller that either harp guitars and fanned fret guitars therefor there are more choices to select from.

Bluegrass Music

I'm working on a new Song of the Month for the Banjo, Bass, Dobro, Fiddle, Guitar and Mandolin for August. Also, I'm working on more guitar (six-string) music. There are two new books and instructional video coming.

There is a new installment for the "Getting Started on the Harp Ukulele" coming this next week. What a fun instrument to play!

Have a great week!

Baritone Fanned Fret Guitar!

The Baritone Fanned Fret Guitar is tuned a 5th lower than the Standard guitar. It's a wonderful advancement for the Fanned Fret Guitar!

Click here for the full photo set

Click here for the video.

Special holiday pricing will be announced in the August Newsletter.

"Getting Started on the Harp Ukulele"

The new instruments that I'm creating/building in L'viv, like the Harp Guitar and Harp Ukulele, open many new possibilities for the standard instruments we've been playing for generations.

The Harp Ukulele, for example, traditionally uses 4 strings. The new Harp Ukulele has an additional 6 sub-bass strings tuned, A, B, C, D, E, F which then leads into the standard Uke tuning, G, C, E, A. How can you use these additional sub-bass strings? There are as many possibilities as there are Uke players. To stimulate everyone's imagination, I'm now posting regular video tutorials on the Harp Ukulele with the Harp Ukulele Tablature on-screen.

Harp Ukuleles are available for purchase so you can play along with the video!





"Song of the Month"

"Old Joe Clark"

Bluegrass festival season is here and it's time to dust off those banjos and guitars; change the strings and get your fingers toughened up for some campground jamming!

One of the best songs, and probably in the "top 10" of festival jamming tunes is "Old Joe Clark". It's a simple, straight forward melody that is both beginner-friendly and an open field for some hot improvisation. Included in the download package are the pdf tablatures and play-along mp3s. The password to open the zip package is in this month's newsletter.



Sharping Lever Updates

New Design for the Harp Guitar

We've been working an even better design for Harp Guitar sharping levers that will better fit the super-trebles on the 21 String Harp Guitar as well as work smooth for the sub-basses and future guitar designs. These are being made in our shop/factory in L'viv.

In the photo (right) is the new prototype. It can be a variety of colors. The standard will be black. This will further help reduce costs related to the complexity of the 21 String Harp Guitar.

So, we're making good progress in Harp Guitar design and price reduction for the public. The latest advancement has been the introduction of Bitcoin payments and now in-house design of sharping levers.

The last couple of years have had many challenges to produce and create a quality, affordable 21 String Harp Guitar. The efforts and patience have been worth the wait. 2015, we're gaining good traction and by the holiday season we should have a steady flow of wonderful, modestly priced Harp Guitars and Fanned Frets available for everyone!


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