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There will be several updates posted throughout February.



"Song of the Month" - February

Let's start the New Year off with a snappy, fun tune that works well with the Banjo, Bass, Fiddle, Dobro, Guitar and Mandolin.

I've arranged, "The Frost Is All Over" for January. It's a traditional Irish Jig in the key of D.

All of the parts are included in the .rar package download below. It's free! However, you'll need a password to open it. It's in the January Newsletter.

There are some very nice duets provided for the Mandolin, Banjo, Dobro, Guitar and Fiddle. This month we'll look at the lead line.

NOTE: I'll post the matching twin duet parts February 7.

The Frost Is All Over (Download)

Having trouble downloading and opening the .rar package? CLICK HERE



Fanned Fret - Harp Guitars

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21 String Harp Guitar

Dyer/Knustsen Style Harp Guitar

Fanned Fret Guitar (six string)

Harp Ukulele

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Many new instruments will begin to be released February. The updates are coming almost daily. I'm using the pdf links (above) to keep it simple. Details will also be in the newsletter.