Curly Redwood Harp Ukulele

Available late September!

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"Barlow Knife"

New "Song of the Month" - Free download below

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Fanned Fret Guitars

New batch coming late September - Cocobolo, Koa, Bubinga, Padauk and more!

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Harp Guitar - 12 String

Available now on eBay - Maple, Spruce, Ebony more!

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21 String Harp Guitar

Available September - Granadillo, Spruce, Ebony and more!

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"WE USED TO DREAM ABOUT THIS STUFF. now WE build it. it's pretty great"

Steve Jobs

What's new for September?

Web Site Updates

I've been dressing up and re-organizing the web site to make it more streamlined and easier to navigate. To avoid confusing everyone (and myself), I'm going to leave the main domain the same,, as is. I've been using that address since 1998 and there are many external links to my music and instruments that get broken when making too many changes. As the saying goes, "If it works, don't fix it". So for now, I'm leaving everything as it was.

My music has expanded into many new directions since moving in 2011 from Las Vegas to Eastern Europe; bluegrass banjo to harp ukuleles! My thinking was to start separating the various genres into different web addresses. For now, I'm going to keep all of my music; banjos, fiddles, dobros, fanned fret guitars, harp guitars, etc. all under-one-roof, The various genres of music and instruments will be separated in the menu at the top for simple navigation.

The Dobro Page and the Guitar (6-string) Pages have just been updated.

2 Newsletters

I'm now sending out two different newsletters tailored to specific interests. One newsletter is specifically for the instruments that are being built in L'viv; the Fanned Fret Guitar, Harp Guitars and Harp Ukuleles. The other newsletter is mainly my bluegrass music arrangements; Banjo, Bass, Dobro, Fiddle, 6-string Guitar and Mandolin and the "Song of the Month". If you would like to receive both newsletters, you'll need to select one of the other "main interests".

New Music

I'm adding more arrangements to the Song of the Month. The Dobro and Fiddle tracks are coming this week. I'm also working on some more (free) video tutorials for the six-string guitar. The new "Bluegrass Guitar Volume 11" has many songs that cover a variety of techniques for first year students and more advanced players. Matching video tutorials for each song in the new book will be released. These are free video downloads with the song of the month. The first will be available this month.

New Instruments

The shop in L'viv is finishing up several important projects, Harp Guitars, Harp Ukuleles and more beautiful Fanned Frets. They will be released through September. Some of these will be available for public sale. When they're ready to leave the shop, I'll post them in the newsletter with all of the details. There's a truckload of amazing 21 String Harp Guitars ready to go; the only delay has been the LaBella Nylon bass strings. They've just left Customs and they'll be installed this next week. These are the sub-basses; seven of them with sharping levers. LaBella doesn't ship directly over seas so, they've been re-routed and now waiting to clear Ukraine Customs. I'm looking for other string suppliers so we won't have to wait so long for bass strings in the future.

We're now sliding into production for the Holiday Season. I'm preparing a newsletter for Monday/Tuesday with all of the details.

Here's what's coming September:

21 String Harp Guitars. There's a bunch of beauties about to leave the shop. The hold up have been the LaBella nylon bass strings. They have just been released by Customs and will be installed this next work week. There will be two 21SE's for public sale, one Granadillo and one Wenge; both steel string. When the strings arrive, I'll post the details, photos and video in a VIP newsletter.

13 String Fanned Fret Harp Guitar - The very first Fanned Fret Harp Guitar is nearing completion. It is a Bocote model. The body is just beautiful and will be a wonderful addition to the harp guitar line-up. The 13 String Harp Guitar has the same body design as the 21 String; based on the Sullivan/Elliot 20-string harp guitar. The main difference is that the super trebles have been replaced with a standard cutaway and it's Fanned Frets!

So, what is a 13 String Fanned Fret Harp Guitar going to cost and what is available? Well, it's not an easy build; like the 21 String Harp Guitar, the bass arm attaches to the guitar neck. That's a difficult joint; at least twice the difficulty as a Dyer-Style harp guitar. We've been discussing the price and have been waiting to complete the first 13SE. The price will fall somewhere between the 21 String Harp Guitar and the 12 String "Dyer-style" harp guitar. It will also depend on the tone woods chosen. The build difficulty of the 13SE is similar to the 21SE. Therefore the output will be batches of 5 at a time with a projected total of 20 Sullivan/Elliot style hgs built in 2016. The next year, 2017, that figure should start going higher as it becomes routine and we develop more advanced construction techniques and begin moving into computer aided manufacturing.

Fanned Fret Guitars. The next batch of fanned frets includes some very nice tone woods; Cocobolo, Koa, Bubinga, Padauk, Mahogany and Maple. They include the standard scale and also Baritone. They will be nearing completion the end of this month. A few will be available for public sale.

Harp Ukuleles. There's a bevy of beautiful new harp ukuleles coming later this month, including the new Padauk tone wood and many more Wenge with Curly Redwood tops. So far, the Wenge with Curly Redwood get's the "Peoples Choice Award". I have to agree. What an amazing looking/sounding instrument. The Wenge works very well with the Harp Ukulele and the Redwood tops have a great tone. This harp Uke will be a standard stock item as I can source the curly redwood.

For the Holidays, there is a special run of production Maple Fanned Frets. The are either Natural, or Black Gloss with the option of the standard scale or Baritone. There will be a production model Sapele 21 String Harp Guitar for the Holidays and the standard Maple Dyer-style Harp Guitar (12-string). Special holiday pricing is in the newsletter.

Finally.... there are two new exotic, exciting instrument designs (Guitar and Ukulele) coming this Christmas. The details will be in the next newsletter :)


"Barlow Knife"

New "Song of the Month"

I've just finished a new arrangement for the Bass, Banjo, Fiddle, Dobro, Guitar and Mandolin called, "Barlow Knife".

This is a very nice old-timey fiddle tune for the First-Year-Student. The rhythm is very straight forward, few chord changes yet, the melody is challenging enough for the seasoned Campground Jammer. I've made complete arrangements for all of the standard bluegrass instruments with play along audio tracks. Click here to hear one of the audio tracks. The zip download package (below) also includes Performance Notes. The zip package requires a password found in the newsletter. Sign up today!

Download Barlow Knife

Trouble opening the zip file? Use Stuffit Expander (free download) for either Windows or Mac.

Have a great week!

Baritone Fanned Fret Guitar!

The Baritone Fanned Fret Guitar is tuned a 5th lower than the Standard guitar. It's a wonderful advancement for the Fanned Fret Guitar!

Click here for the full photo set

Click here for the video.

Special holiday pricing will be announced in the August Newsletter.

"Getting Started on the Harp Ukulele"

The new instruments that I'm creating/building in L'viv, like the Harp Guitar and Harp Ukulele, open many new possibilities for the standard instruments we've been playing for generations.

The Harp Ukulele, for example, traditionally uses 4 strings. The new Harp Ukulele has an additional 6 sub-bass strings tuned, A, B, C, D, E, F which then leads into the standard Uke tuning, G, C, E, A. How can you use these additional sub-bass strings? There are as many possibilities as there are Uke players. To stimulate everyone's imagination, I'm now posting regular video tutorials on the Harp Ukulele with the Harp Ukulele Tablature on-screen.

Harp Ukuleles are available for purchase so you can play along with the video!





"Song of the Month"

"Barlow Knife"

A brand new tune for the Bass, Banjo, Dobro, Fiddle (and Fiddle Tablature), Guitar and Mandolin has just been completed! The link and details are at the top of this page.


"Song of the Month"

Archives available soon

I've been arranging and posting the "Song of the Month", sheet music, tablature and mp3s, on this site for more than fifteen years and have built up quite a library on my hard drive. The "Song of the Month" is posted as a free download during the month, then removed indefinitely.

I've had numerous requests if the past "Song of the Month" arrangements could be available as a download package. I'm working on that now and will have a link soon for the previous arrangements for download.


Exclusive VIP updates and details.

Be sure to subscribe to my free newsletter for the very latest info and updates for the Fanned Fret Harp Guitars and Harp Ukuleles. The newsletter has detailed information, specials and other important updates that I don't post here on the web or social media.